We are pleased to announce that our OCTOBER 2022 tutors will be...

Together with Spirit Retreat

Physical Medium Scott Milligan | England

Physical Medium Scott Milligan has over twenty years of understanding the trance state, and has sat in over three hundred séances with physical mediums. All this in addition to his own development. Scott has incredible knowledge and passion for Physical Mediumship, past, present and future; sharing with his students worldwide "Allow me to take you on a journey of discovery and understanding in one of the rarest forms of mediumship ever known. Physical mediumship can move someone from believing to knowing in a heartbeat. I will be leading you through all the many different areas of this subject and explain all aspects that make up this form of mediumship. You will learn the differences between mental mediumship versus physical mediumship, overshadowing versus transfiguration, direct voice, partial materialization to full materialization, and apports—and why they are used in physical mediumship. My hope is to offer a perspective that disbands all the myths, fears and doubts this form of mediumship attracts". "You will receive a deeper inside view of physical mediumship, as I will be sharing many of my experiences that I have attained in the darkness of a seance room. You will understand more fully about the history of some of the great mediums of the past, including their abilities and unique gifts. So come on a journey, leading you back to Eternity, helping you to lay the foundations off your own gift."

Psychic Medium Dominic Boag | Scotland

Dominic - As one of the UK’s youngest, most successful Mediums, Dominic is building an impressive reputation in the UK and also Internationally with how strongly connected he is to the Spirit World. He is well-known for taking on the characteristics and personalities of Spirit Communicators. ‘The detail in this evidence is outstanding, that will leave you knowing that your loved ones are still with you. ’ Dominic is distinctive among Mediums: registered blind, he brings a fresh and vibrant modern form of Mediumship to the Spiritual Movement. Also as an International Teacher, Dominic has a great passion for helping others on their journey to develop their own Mediumship. Dominic’s teachings are wildly sought after internationally, with his unique techniques he uses throughout his Mediumship. Throughout this retreat, Dominic will be sharing his wealth of knowledge, exploring evidential and mental Mediumship. Dominic will work with the students, fine tuning their platform for Mediumship and one to one readings, giving them tips and sharing some of his secrets. Dominic has several years teaching internationally and his down to earth and simple approach will have students feeling comfortable and ever more eager to learn. Dominics aim throughout this retreat  is to help keep his students mediumship natural and organic.  “ I am supper excited to work with you all and help you enhance and understand the mechanics of mediumship. I want to help you grow and take your connections to the next level”

Together with Spirit Retreat

Spiritual Artist & Medium Josephine Mackenzie | Scotland

Josephine  Josephine MacKenzie is one of Scotlands most talented and highly accurate mediums. With over 25 years experience working across Europe, she has built a well respected name in the Spiritual Movement. Josephine has worked and taught along side the late Colin Fry, were she taught at his centre in Sweden.  Throughout this week, Josephine will be taking classes on Spiritual Art where she will help you bring Spirit Life with Art and Mediumship. She will also be covering Psychic Art too. We will be focussing on drawing Spirit Art in the altered state with various medium including (charcoal, graphite and pastels).  We will be working freehand and then alternating hands, as well as working with both hands encouraging a stronger connection with Spirit thus handing over control. We will look  into other aspects such as Medium Art and Auragraphs. This is a fun and laid back class, there is no pressure. Relax and enjoy the experience….. You may just surprise yourself.  “ A no nonsense tutor with a fun filled classes. You won’t be disappointed with this one!”