Students will have the opportunity to join in with all three subjects, Mental Mediumship, Psychic & Spiritual Art, Trance & Physical Mediumship. All classes will be rotational throughout the day. This gives a unique chance to bring together and enhance your inner abilities with Spirit, under the guidance of our esteemed tutors within their own fields.

Each day will be 2 hour 30 minutes classes per tutor, with lunch to break the day up. You will have free time in the evenings to explore the sounding area, and the local landmarks. There will also be the option to participate in our evening activities. Activities such as tutor demonstration, student demonstration, quizzes & Bingo. Students will also have the option to take part in live séances.

Our Retreats Below Are Course Fees Only. Students Will Have To Source Their Own Accommodation & Meals.



Enhance Your Mental Mediumship, Find Your Inner Artist & Build Your Power with Spirit